Your Frequently Asked Questions

Walking Routes

How do I choose a route
Browse through Our Walks page and read the descriptions of the various walks. If you still can't decide then send in an enquiry detailing the sort of things that interest you on a walk, as well as the number of hours a day you would like to walk.

How fit do I need to be.
We do recommend getting in some practice walks before your holiday, Unless you are in reasonable shape walking for between 4 and 8 hours a day can be quite tiring.
Some walks are harder than others, check the walking grade in the Key Information section. Also on some walks itineraries can be lengthened to reduce the daily distances covered.

Can I add in rest days.
Yes rest days can be easily added into itineraries. Also many of the places you are walking past might deserve some extra exploring and in that case an extra day can be added to give you this opportunity.

What is a Self Guided Walk
A self guided walk means that you will have no guide. You will be supplied with a detailed itinerary, with all your accommodation booked and maps and guide books to help you navigate the path. All the paths are well marked and although maps and guide notes will sometimes need to be referred to no specialist map reading knowledge is required.

Prices and Quotes

How much will the Holiday Cost.
After your initial enquiry you will be a sent a draft itinerary with a cost. If the itinerary needs to be revised then a new cost will be quoted at each stage. Once you are happy with the itinerary and agree to go ahead the price is fixed. Even if some of the accommodation quoted in the draft itinerary is not available and more expensive accommodation needs to be booked the price will not change.

Are there Extra Costs
There are no additional costs once a price has been agreed. The only additional costs for your holiday are for those items not included in the walk. For example the only meal included is breakfast, also unless specifically arranged all travel costs to and from the walk are excluded.

Do you charge for Credit Card Payments
It is no longer legal in the UK to charge extra for credit card payments and as a result in order to keep costs down we have decided to no longer accept credit card payments. For overseas payments we strongly recommend the use of "" as they charge significantly less than traditional bank transfers.

Travel to my Walk and Back

What is the best way to travel to my Walk
In the "Essential Information" section of each walk there is travel advice, for travelling by car, rail or air. If travelling by air to Newquay airport it is not well served by public transport so we recommend a taxi transfer, just ask if you want this included in your walking cost.
If you have any specific questions we are always ready to give advice on travel plans.

Can you book my transport within the UK
Travel advice is freely given. If you would like us to book you travel within the UK just ask for a quote at the time of booking.